ESW Consulting WRUSS


Areas of expertise of our interdisciplinary team cover industrial chemistry, geology, biology, soil science, toxicology, food- and biotechnology. As result of this versatility, we are in a strong position to quickly provide competent and comprehensive answers and services to scientific questions and issues.
Analytical data can be a crucial component in a decision making process. That’s why we have a young and innovative team of analysts in our lab to assist you and provide advice on your chemical analytical problems. By means of numerous sophisticated and up-to-date chemical methods and fully automated analytical instruments, we can solve even very difficult problems.


To us, the quality of our services is of utmost importance; hence we have in place a comprehensive quality management system that is compliant with strict international standards ISO 17025 and 17020 and certified.
More specifically, quality includes dealing with each client and problem individually. Our goal is to offer you a tailor-made economical solution to your analytical problems that is based on our comprehensive know-how and scientific background.


Typical examples of problems that we can solve in a competent and professional manner include, but are not limited to:
Water and effluents, soil, air, contaminated soil, abandoned hazardous sites, disposal technologies, chemical/ecological assessment of real estate, asbestos, dust/particulates, monitoring of emission thresholds, water treatment facilities, biogenic compost, municipal compost, sewage sludge, fertilizer application, soil revitalization, pesticides, sewage treatment plants, impartial sampling in all cited areas, recycling of inorganic waste, assessment and advice on corrosion problems, development of ceramic materials.